Being successful depends on each of our professionals who share our principles and are committed to our mission of taking care of the people. We work to develop Leaders and High Performance Teams.

More than just working: being part of it

Being happy, feeling well “fly the company’s flag”. When valued and respected, not only as a professional but as a human, employees feel more pleasure and are more willing to give their best. We are concerned about strengthening relationships and pay them the utmost attention. Our events on celebration dates are examples of the close relationship we try to establish.

Cellera Farma employees are valued.

We know that who feels valued produces more. Therefore, we are based on the best market payment practices and policies to compensate, retain, attract and motivate employees.

Self-knowledge management prepares you to the future

Assessment tools enable us to learn and measure employee’s performance by comparing what is expected to what they deliver for the development to take place.

The purpose is to:

  • Recognize and value differentiated performance.
  • Identify and guide people with insufficient activity.
  • Provide employee with data on the progress of his/her performance.
  • Compare the adherence level of the individual to the company’s competences.
  • Provide subsidies for Individual Development Plans.

The world fits into our company

Inclusion is action, is willingness to meet, to make a change, it is a gesture that considers the existence of the other, recognizing that there are other perspectives, it is transformation. We work to favor creative interactions, changes, joint learning experiences.
We are inclusive, we provide equal opportunities, we offer development conditions for everyone and we love diversity.

The ones capable can go beyond

Looking ahead, overcoming limits. When employees have a goal, they strive, and the action is immediate. They know their performance will reflect in the future of the entire team, after all, different company sectors are like engines for successful projects. Achieving goals is good, but can you imagine exceeding them? This is why we try so hard every day.

A perfect environment to grow

Know when you go to a place and you feel good with a positive energy? We want our employees to feel this way: comfortable to produce better and evolve. The culture and environment of the company influence motivation and behavior. That’s why we strive to put a smile in our faces.

Training for leaders

The first step for a successful employee is to dive in the company: learn its history, culture and value. After being adapted and aware of what comes next, they will also undergo technical, behavioral, legal, leadership and operating training sessions, among others. It’s the so-called “win-win” relationship, which is great for the professional and the company.

If you want to grow, we are interested

We want professionals with Cellera Farma’s DNA: innovative, creative people willing to fight for their goals and drive by accomplishments. We are committed to developing our talents and provide professional growth.

Trust and transparency for your peace of mind

Employees must feel satisfied: this is our law. In charge of payments, benefits, life insurance, hiring, charges, legal documents, among others, our Staff Administration department is always up to date on the labor legislation. This is a safety and credibility assurance for workers.