Your Health, Our Inspiration.

Develop, produce and market health care products with quality and sustainability, generating value to society, employees and shareholders.

Being one of the 30 greatest pharmaceutical companies in Brazil by 2022, admired by its innovative solutions and reputation, generating improved quality of life.

To be among the 30 largest pharmaceutical laboratories in Brazil by the end of 2022, and be a company recognized for excellence in management, agility, quality, transparency and ethics.

• People boost our actions.
• We are people taking care of other people.
• We work inspired, with energy and joy.
• We are proud of who we are and what we do.
• We face challenges with celerity.
• We seek for excellence with practical, efficient and ethical solutions.

Celerity, sense of urgency, with sense of ownership.
Quality, simplicity and operational excellence.
Integrity in all actions to all audiences.
Focus on results.
Meritocracy and attention to people.