We were born from the acquisition of Delta Farmacêutica and MIP Brasil Farma, with investment from the Victoria Capital Partners Fund, in partnership with the partner Omilton Visconde Jr.

We, from Cellera Farma, came to promote the progress of everyone around us by offering improved quality of life and well-being.

Be part of our history. Your health is our inspiration.

Cellera Farma is founded through the acquisition of MIP Brasil Farma and Delta Farmacêutica, by Victoria Capital Partners and Omilton Visconde Junior, assuming the plant and product line.

Delta Farmacêutica is acquired by the North American group Valeant Pharmaceuticals

Delta Farmacêutica starts operating in Indaiatuba (SP)

Transfer of the plant to Indaiatuba (SP) with expansion of the product line and market share.

Delta Farmacêutica is founded in Rio de Janeiro, and starts over 70 years of history in the pharmaceutical market.