Ethics and Compliance Channel

This communication channel is aimed at reporting situations of non-compliance with Cellera’s policies and standards, which can be done in a confidential or anonymous way.

The identified option is focused on cases in which the Employee / Company becomes available to be contacted for clarification of possible questions about the report provided.

All reported incidents will be forwarded for verification by Cellera’s Ethics and Compliance Area. All information reported here will be treated confidentially, and its veracity and actions taken are the responsibility of the rapporteur and Cellera.

To Report an Incident

On the right screen you must describe the situation of non-compliance with the Cellera’s Code of Ethics.

It is important that the description be sufficiently complete, which will assist in the quality and timing of the determination of the fact(s)

  • What (situation description)
  • Who (name of persons involved, external involvement)
  • When (occurred, occurs, or will occur)
  • Why (cause or motivator)
  • How much (if you can measure)
  • Evidence (if exist, where to find)

You can also report your case through the other channels:
(11) 4861-5561

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